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LoadRunner  Course

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LoadRunner (earlier HP) is one of the most popular load testing software. It is used to performance test an application under the load. It can simulate thousands of concurrent users to produce real-time load transactions and analyze results.

With total 50+ protocols, you can test any Web, HTML, Java, SOAP and many more applications making this one of the best choices for load testing.

Our Loadrunner course curriculum has been carefully categorized and arranged to meet the needs of the industry and is ideal for both beginners and working professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills. Case studies and projects are implemented as a part of our Loadrunner training in Hyderabad to magnify the learning capabilities of our students. 

LoadRunner Training enables the real-time implementation of load testing with LoadRunner. By the end of the course you will get to know how to use the LoadRunner to test applications or software, measuring system behavior and analyzing the performance under user load.

HPE Load Runner is a software testing tool from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and it has the highest market share that makes it become the pioneer in performance testing. The LoadRunner course is led by certified mentors with extensive examples and real-time project work, you will get know Performance testing and the concepts of LoadRunner including its architecture and installation.

Aspirants who are interested can attend our LoadRunner training in Hyderabad, or you can take our LoadRunner online training. 

  • An in-depth explanation of VUSER and VUGEN concepts including parameterization, transactions, and controllers.
  • Complete understanding of web applications.
  • Thorough practical knowledge in performance testing.
  • Components of LoadRunner
  • Recording scripts
  • Record + generate + replay logs
  • Configuring + executing tests
  • Hands-on experience in monitoring servers through the controller manual.
  • Performance tester with LoadRunner
  • Performance test engineer
  • Test leads
  • Performance test and automation engineer
  • Performance test analyst
  • LoadRunner application developer
  • Software test engineer
  • LoadRunner quality engineer

LoadRunner Online Training Projects

We are committed to provide Complete LoadRunner 11 Realtime and Practical Trainings on Automated Performance and test automation product for application load testing.


  • Live Project Exposure of Fortune companies.
  • Training by Subject Matter experts from CMM Level 5 companies
  • Worldwide online training of QTP, Loadrunner, Loadurnner professional and corporate classes at affordable fees.
  • Our basic course worth more than the advanced course of other institutes/freelancers.
  • Free Interview preparations.
  • 100% free assistance for ISTQB/Loadrunner/QTP certifications.
  • 100 % guarantee in succeeding the certification at affordable fees.
  • Also provide online training to students of foreign countries.
  • Learn Loadrunner, QTP, ETL Testing, Loadrunner training from the Best Testing Institute in Hyderabad
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LoadRunner Course Curriculum

45 Hours

  • • Static Content, Dynamic Content, Web Hosting
    • Features of Browsers
    • Types of requests (GET vs POST)
    • Query String, From Data
    • Networking modules (OSI Module,TCP/ IP)
    • 2- Tier, 3- tier, n- tie architecture
    • Types of Operating Systems (Widows, Linux, HP UX, IBM AIX, MAC)
    • Web/ APP/ DB Servers and their purpose
  • • What is Performance Testing Benefits of Performance Testing
    • Performance Testing phases / Life Cycle
    • Types of Performance Testing (Load, Stress, Volume, Endurance, Baseline, Benchmark etc)
    • Introduction about various Performances Testing tools and scripting language info
    • Indentifying the business scenarios for Performance Testing
    • Think time, rendezvous point, IP Spoofing, Denial of Services Attack
    • Workload Characterization
  •  Introduction about the LoadRunner with various versions
    • Components of LoadRunner and purpose of each component
    • Load Generators, Calculating the # of LGs for a load test
  • A Small introduction about the C language (Variable, functions, loops)
    • Recording a Script
    • Recording Log, Generating Log, Replay Log and Correlation results log
    • Regenerate Script, recording options
    • Best Practice for recording a script
    • Run time settings
    • Correlation
    • Parameterization
    • Page Validations
    • Transaction Timers
    • Think times
    • Randomizing the script
    • Frequency used C functions
    • Debug a script
    • LR Variables Vs C Variables custom
    • Requests Tips for advances scripting
  • • Scenario Vs Goal oriented
    • scenario Schedule by group Vs Schedule by
    • Scenario Adding Load Generators and verifying
    • the connectivity (Performance test environment setup) Run Time settings
    • Executing the tests
    • Configuring the Rendezvous, IP Spoofing etc
    • Monitoring servers through controller
    • Windows resources, UNIX resources, other servers
    • Auto collection of results, issues with auto collection, sampling intervals
    • Configuring Diagnostics
  •  Merging graphs
    • Web Page Diagnostics
    • Advanced Filters/ Drill down
    • Raw data/ Graph data
    • How to start Analysis (Analysis approach using Client side and server side measurement)
    • Correlate the graphs/results and analyzing the results (Response Time vs HPS Vs throughput Vs TPS)
    • Most commonly seen issues / errors and possible reasons
  •  Understanding the server configuration files
    • Understanding the relationship among various settings
    • Monitoring the servers without LoadRunner
    • JVM architecture abd GC methods Some important tips
    Advanced Concepts
    • Exercises individual presentation on various performance testing/ Engineering Concepts (Performance Testing Concepts, Performance Testing Tools, OS monitoring (windows & UNIX), Servers Monitoring)
    • Test Plan & Traversal/ Test case/ Use case Document preparation & Preliminary performance test report preparation

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